Most Frequently Asked Questions

How does your service work?

Fixed-wireless Internet service is delivered via wireless signal from a nearby tower to an antenna on your building.  No satellites involved!  Depending on distance from tower and whether there is line-of-sight between the tower and your home, we can offer different connection speeds at different locations.

How do I reboot my equipment?

To reboot the radio on the outside of the building, find the small power device attached to the Ethernet cable coming out of the interior wall.  Unplug the power cord attached to this device (PoE), wait 10 seconds, then replug.  Do the same with the power cord on the wireless router.  This often solves connectivity issues.

Do you offer low-income service?

Yes, we are pleased to offer a discounted price for our Essential Residential service package.  See the information and terms for our A4E (Access for Everyone) service below in The Legal Stuff.  Then contact us to get set up.

What if I need support?

Just call us at 888.631.9666, ext 5.  Or send us an email if the issue isn't as urgent.  We always recommend rebooting your equipment (see above) before calling.

Do I need a wireless router, and can I use VoIP or WiFi phones?

If you have wireless devices (laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc.) you'll want a wireless (WiFi) network in your home to enjoy your internet service.  We sell routers or you can provide your own.  Contact us for information regarding VoIP or WiFi phone usage.

Are the summer-service dates flexible?

In order to keep costs down, our summer dates are set for automatic turn-off and turn-on.  But extra service can be added with a minimum of one month's charge.

need recommendations for wireless devices?


Our technical staff has provided a list of products that work great with your SonicNet connection.

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